What I Know About …Thought Management

Our brain is the most powerful tool on the planet. Everything which has ever been invented originated with a thought. Think about it, …. our phones, the car you drive, the air conditioning we enjoy, and even the creative plays, songs, and books we read… all came about because of a thought.

So how is it that most of us walk around allowing our brain, and our thoughts, to operate in autopilot. Rarely do we pause to reflective upon and even question a portion of the 50,000 thoughts which occur on daily basis.

We make it a point to shower each day, and even brush our teeth twice a day; and yet, we’re reluctant to take time to attend to the regular hygiene of our minds.

Ultimately, it’s our thoughts which act like the GPS system for our feelings, action and our results. Did you know this already? It’s true. Think about the last time you had “a bad day.” Your day probably didn’t go as well as you would have liked because you already had a negative thought and belief about how the day was going to unfold. Chances are good you were easily agitated or even felt sluggish because you’d already decided it was going to be a bad day. As a result, your energy was then reflected in your actions (or lack of actions) and at the end of the day, you didn’t have the outcome you would’ve desired.

So if our minds are the navigation systems for our thoughts, feelings, actions and our outcomes – then that means we can redirect and reroute the system when things aren’t ideal. Our thoughts are simply the sentences which we construct and entertain in our brain.

If you want to improve your thinking – change it up. Creating a better thought will invite and support better emotions; which then lead to actions and outcomes. This is the beautiful part of the human experience – we have the freedom to determine what we want to think — with or without anyone else’s permission.

Want a new result – start with a new thought.

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