What I Know About …The Power of Routines

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand the value and power of having a routine. Routines are amazing and powerful! I love the beautiful byproducts which routines bring into my life.

I haven’t always felt this way, and in fact, I’ve spent a good portion of my adult life resisting routines. Many people believe that routines create restrictions. They argue that routines can take all “the fun and spontaneity” out of life. I have found the opposite to be true.   

Here is quick list of what I’ve learned from implementing routines into my life. In short, adhering to a personal daily routine has created increased my feelings of freedom, productivity, and happiness.

What is a Routine – The regular practice of an activity, behavior or schedule. Routines are activities which are repeated at regular intervals.

Benefits of a Routine

1. Increases Efficiency and Reduces the Need to Plan Routines reduces the need to make decisions. It enables us to know exactly what tasks we need to do without having to contemplate, decide or think too much.

2. Creates Structure in Our Lives – It is a framework for our lives and daily activities.

3. Saves Time – Our routine predetermines our schedule, allowing us to use our time efficiently.

4. Instills Good Habits  – The secret to building good habits is repetition. Routines encourage us to repeat the same tasks over and over again. 

5. Prioritize Tasks and Build Momentum – Routines help us get the most important things done. We determine our most important tasks and do them first. 

6. Builds Self Confidence – Routines give us a sense of tremendous satisfaction and accomplishment. Both of these things fuel positive self-esteem.

7. Frees Up Our Time Contrary to what some people believe, following a routine that prioritizes repetitive tasks actually provides us with more free time to do as we please. 

8. Helps Us Achieve Our Goals -Successful people move toward their goals by doing the same things over and over again. Accomplishing goals requires small and incremental steps forward toward progress. 

Simply put, a routine reflects the conscious choice to live your life in a certain way through healthy repetition patterns. While establishing a routine isn’t always easy in the beginning, it is one of the greatest keys to success and happiness.

Routines require effort; yet, it’s worth the work! The rewards reaped far out weight the discomfort of time lost and opportunities left unanswered.  

Today is a brand new day, and it is never too late to start your own routine.

Our routine predetermines our schedule, allowing us to use our time efficiently.