What I Know About …The 4 Eating Types Video

Have you ever stopped to think about why you’re eating the foods your eating? Or, have you given consideration to the energy you bring to your eating experience? How about your level or awareness and purpose?

Today, I want to introduce you to 4 different types of eating patterns. This post is all about the intentions and emotional experiences which surround eating.

Fuel Eating – When we eat from a place of fueling, we’re very intentional with our food choices. We choose to eat high quality foods, which sustain us so we feel fuller and more satisfied for longer periods of time. Eating from a place of fueling also means that we’re seeking to serve our bodies in the best way possible. Because we love our body, we want to provide it with the good foods and, we’re thoughtful to the amount of food we’re consuming.

Joy Eating – Joy eating is when we choose to eat from a place of celebration and indulgence. Joy eating comes with purpose, intention and awareness. When joy eating, we still practice restraint around what we’re eating. We understand our “why.” Joy eating might look like having a piece of birthday cake because you’re at a friend’s birthday party. It also might be reflected in allowing yourself to have a homemade roll with butter and jam as part of a Sunday dinner. Joy eating isn’t necessarily a bad practice; but it can get us into trouble if we allow one piece of cake to turn into 2, or 3 servings of cake and the original purpose and intention is abandoned.

Fog Eating – Chances are good you’ve had an encounter with fog eating. Fog eating occurs when we’re completely checked out. All of the sudden, we find ourselves standing in the pantry with an open bag of potato chips – and we’ve consumed half the bag. Fog eating is very unintentional and more reflective of a default habit or pattern. Another example of fog eating is when you’re snacking mindlessly during a road trip or while at the movies.

Storm Eating – Storm eating is when we eat from a place of frustration, anger, discouragement and/or despair. The problem with storm eating is that while we may be aware of what we’re doing, we simply don’t care. We’ve had a frustrating experience and somehow believe that by consuming certain foods, or a large amount of food, this will make us feel better. Storm eating can often lead to binge eating, which is always accompanied with negative thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, people who storm eat, seek to punish themselves through this type of eating experience.

So, how is it that you can best recognize what type of eating pattern your entertaining. The best way to identify your eating type is to ask yourself, “How do I feel in this moment?” when you’re getting ready to consume your food. Becoming aware of your emotional state, prior to eating, and / or when in the middle of eating will reveal the answer.

Fuel eating always comes from a clean space, and is the best type of eating to practice. Eating from a space of Joy, Fog, and Storm eating, can often lead to trouble. These practices can often lead to increased thoughts and feelings of self-defeating.

Know that when you find yourself in those less purposeful eating spaces, you always have the option to hit the “pause button,” and make a better choice. You always have the power to realign your thought and feelings and regain control in your eating experience. Learning to eat from a more purposeful place first requires awareness. With awareness, you can then support yourself in developing a better, more purposeful eating experience.

Now that you know different, you can do different. And, a different choice today, is the first step forward to creating better results for tomorrow.