What I Know About …Showing Up

You don’t know what can come of an opportunity if you’re not willing to show up.

Showing up. That’s what’s required when it comes to embracing new opportunities in our lives. So, why do we allow fear and self-doubt get in our way when trying new things?

Not long ago, my son came home from school and said, “Mom. I want to run for student council!” He was filled with excitement and anticipation – and he felt confident that this was a great decision.

We thoughtfully gathered the details and my son committed to going to the student council meeting the following day after school.

Immediately upon walking in the door after the meeting, he said, “Nope! Not going to do it!” There must were 50 kids at that meeting, Mom. I am not going to run for student council.”

Doubt and disbelief had crept into his mind; robbing him of the excitement and confidence he’d experienced just 24 hrs. earlier.

Isn’t it interesting how our brain wants to keep us “safe in the cave,” and prevent us from trying new things.

I reminded him that – certainly not all 50 kids would be running for Vice President and, more importantly, …if he didn’t try, he’d never know what could happen.

What a shame that could have been! What a missed opportunity to experience something by inviting growth and discomfort.

We talked about how it didn’t matter whether he won or even if he lost. The real victory was achieved in doing the work, exercising belief and in showing up.

Showing up required him to practice believing in something he’d not yet done. Running for student council invited him to experience feelings of discomfort and vulnerability. Winning the election couldn’t be guaranteed, but neither was losing.

I reminded him that, “You have to put yourself out there and show-up!”

The day came and many 6th grade students stepped up to the challenge. It was amazing to see these kids delivering thoughtfully prepared speeches in front of their peers. They were embracing courage and showing up for themselves!

My son, did in deed, end up winning the election and has now increased his skills and confidence by being a part of student council. However, regardless of whether he’d won or lost – the real victory came about because he was willing to show up for himself.

When was the last time you tried something new and really supported yourself from a place of love, confidence and commitment? Are you pleased with how you’re showing up in life, or is it time to ask more of yourself.

Everyday is a new opportunity to make amazing things happen – show up, friends. Show up!

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