What I Know About …Setting Goals

“The purpose of a goal is for what is makes of you in accomplishing the goal. Who you become, along the way, will always be of a greater value than what you get in the end.” Jim Rohn

A goal is something you desire to achieve. Goals can be established in areas such as physical well being, education, relationships or simply for personal development.

Goals need to be set with the end result in mind. What is it that you ultimate desire to achieve? Get very clear about what you want to accomplish and attach a specific time frame to your goal. Likewise, goals need to be written down in an affirmative and precise way; otherwise, it’s simply a wish.

What is the benefit of writing down a goal? Putting your goals on paper solidifies your commitment and makes it real. There’s something magical which happens when you go through the process of putting the pen to paper. This increases your commitmen and invites your brain to go to work in supporting your achievement of the goal.

Here is a guide which can help you refine your goals; it’s called the S.M.A.R.T. Formula (taken from www.mindtools.com).

S – Specific or Significant – Is your goal focused, and very clear so that even a child would understand what you want to accomplish.

M -Measurable or Meaningful – Does your goal have a deadline or a “marker” associated with it so you’ll know when you’ve accomplished the goal?

A – Attainable – Can you reasonably accomplish this goal? Is achieving your desired outcome realistic?

R – Relevant or Rewarding – Will this goal improve your life and add value to who you are, your environment or well-being?

T – Time bound or Trackable – Can you measure this goal through a timetable, such as a calendar or another trackable tool such as your bank account, the scale or another resource?

Goal setting is a powerful activity which requires focus, commitment and discomfort. Most people aren’t willing to do the work because they aren’t willing to experience the discomfort. And yet, … discomfort is the currency required to fulfill our dreams. Think about it for a moment.

You can either trade a temporary discomfort NOW, in order to achieve your goal. Or, you can experience the discomfort later when you haven’t achieved your goal.

Either way, you’re going to have some discomfort. So, why not make the trade, go all-in on yourself, and start improving your reality.

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