What I Know About …Quiet Moments

We all need quiet moments. Quiet moments to align our heart, mind and spirit to the inner promptings which speak truth. It is in the quiet moments that we become open to the insights which our mind and soul wants us to know. It is in the quiet moments that direction becomes clear and peace can fill our being.

Quiet moments don’t happen naturally in our busy world. The quiet moments are something which have to be created, cultivated, seek after and safeguarded. Quiet moments require that we disconnect from the noise, put down our phones, and step away from the commotion, purposefully; even if just a brief period of time.

We all need quiet moments, each and every day. It’s in these quiet moments that our inner voice assures us of our worth, assures us of our capabilities, empowers us to step into a higher and better version of who we’re meant to be.

Quiet moments invigorate, refresh and enlighten our minds. It is like hydrating our body after a hot summer day. It is in these quiet moments that I have found reassurance to many of life’s questions. Additionally, this is when I’ve also felt the greatest level of connection to myself and God.

Find a time, create a time, make the time for a quiet moment. Have a notebook and pen handy because the more you invite these quiet moments into your daily life, the more you will learn about who you are, where you’re going, and what brings you peace, joy, and satisfaction.

Know that when you start embracing these quiet moments – it may initially feel a bit uncomfortable. You may not know how to be still and tune-in with yourself. This is normal and can be apart of the process. The process becomes easier and more rewarding as you build consistency in this new space. Soon, it will be something which you desire and learn to seek after.

If you aren’t currently giving yourself the gift of a quiet moment each and everyday – I invite you to give it a try. The when and where are not important, rather it’s the executing of the quiet moment, on a regular basis, that’s of real value. I’ve learned to create quiet moments while sitting in my car, just prior to purchasing groceries. I’ve also learned to appreciate quiet moments in the closet of my bedroom just prior to preparing and serving dinner.

Quiet moments have now become my favorite moments because I learn to love and connect with myself in a more genuine and abundant way. Additionally, when I take the time to take care of myself, others are also blessed because I then serve them from a more genuine space of love and authenticity.

Here’s to creating more quiet moments in your life as well.