What I Know About …Questions

Your brain is like a computer.
If you ask it a question, it’s going to work hard to generate an answer.

Our brain loves resolving issues and “connecting the dots.” It works hard to find supporting evidence for what we’re thinking.  Present your brain with a question, and it’s going to work to create and deliver an answer.

If you ask a negative question, your brain will provide you with a negative answer, which can lead to negative results.

Conversely, if you ask your brain a positive question, it will give you a positive answer and you’ll experience positive results.

For example, if you ask your brain “Why is losing weight so hard?” Your answers are all going to support negative thinking patterns and negative results because you asked a negative question.

If you ask your brain “How can I support myself in making great choices?” Your answers are going to reflect positive thinking patterns and positive results because you asked a positive question.

Questions work like magic! Purposeful questions help create and manifest results. The more committed you are to the practice, the easier it will become. Pretty soon – purposeful and intentional questions will be a natural part of your mindset.


Here are 5 steps to use questions to get any result you want.
1. Identify what result you want. – Example: I want to lose 5 lbs.

2. Create a question that presents the answer you want. – Example: “How can I support myself in making purposeful food choices today?”

3. Practice the question until you find an answer.

I repeated the question every night before bed, so my brain can work of finding an answer while I sleep. Do this consistently, and only focus on one specific questions. Let your brain practice constraint and do the work of generating new possibilities. Pretty soon, you’ll come up with the perfect answer.

4. Take action with whatever answer you notice.

Note – your brain is providing you with a new option and in our conscious minds, we may experience doubt about the effectiveness of our answer. Don’t give in. Recognize it, ignored it and execute on your answer anyways.

5. Don’t give up—take action until you get the result you want.

If your first solution doesn’t provide you with the results you desire; continue with the process until the right answer presents itself.

Rinse and Repeat!