What I Know About …Persistence

I started running in June of 2018. I hadn’t been running in years, prior to this time. I remember driving in my car, and mapping a route which equaled one mile. This was my goal.

One mile.

The first time I ran this route – it was hard and I was certain I was going to die.

I’d recommitted to running in the hottest time of the year for Arizona. June! What was I thinking? I purposefully would wait until the sun went down for two reasons:

  1. The sun would no longer be blazing in my face and,
  2. No one could see me work through my struggle.

When I set my mind to something – I tend to go all in, or I won’t participate at all. It’s just the way I roll. With running – I had decided I was all in. I knew it was going to require commitment and persistence. I had to practice stepping into a space of consistency and discipline. I decided I wouldn’t let more than 2 days pass without either going for a run, walking, or doing some type of strengthening routine at home. Often times this meant that I opted out of other activities so I could honor my commitment to myself.

Fast forward 10 months to March 2019.

Since that first one mile run back in June 2018, I’ve completed 4 community races, increasing my distance and level of commitment each time. This past Saturday, I completed a 10 mile race with my dear friend, Krista Robinson. (She’s an amazingly accomplished runner and a Rockstar of a friend, by the way).

Completing this race has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. My goal – put one foot in front of the other. Run the entire race without stopping. Coming in first was not my focus. In fact, … there was a much older man, around the age of 80, who continually looked back over his shoulder to ensure he was staying ahead of me during the race. True fact, friend!

That’s o.k.! The only person I’d trained for was myself. The only person I was showing up for this past Saturday morning, was myself. The only person I needed to prove anything to, was myself. And… I am the only person who can now enjoy the sweet rewards of – Accomplishment, Dedication, Discipline, and Persistence.

If you need a little motivator, feel free to borrow this mantra which helped me on those days that were most difficult. This is a belief which my life coach, Brooke Castillo, speaks of often. I’ve embraced the words and now – it’s a part of my character.

“If my daily action is optional; then my results are optional. Results require action.”

Here’s to putting the power of persistence to work in your life as well.