What I Know About …My Thinking

Our primitive brain desires to keep us safe by repeating patterns, behaviors and thoughts which are familiar. Our higher brain invites us to stretch, grow, take action and explore thoughts and new ways of being. Our higher brain is what pushes us to evolve and experience progress. Both our primitive brain and our higher brain are purposeful but one creates more value.

When I think of my brain, I often imagine my brain like a room that either has the light turned “on” or “off.” I equate my lower brain to a room which has the light off. When I am thinking proactively and being purposeful, it’s like being in a room with the light turned on.

Our primitive brain wants us to repeat comfortable behaviors. When we’re thinking and behaving from a primitive space, we naturally: 1) Seek Pleasure, 2) Avoid Pain, Discomfort and Evolevment and 3) Do The Bare Minimum by Expending The Least Amount of Effort/Energy Required. This is how we behave when the light is turned off.

Think about it for a moment – here’s an example. If you need to get the house cleaned on a Saturday morning and you’re trying to motivate your children, a typical response may be that they will stay on their video games (seek pleasure), pretend they don’t hear you (avoid discomfort), and then once you do get them into the bathroom with the cleaning supplies, they’ll wipe down the counter with a wet paper towel and avoid using a cleaning cloth and a cleanser (do the least amount of work required).

If this has ever been your experience, then you can rest assured that your kids are normal.

Engaging our higher brain requires that we act with purpose and intention. It requires that we over-ride our primitive desires and ask better of ourselves. It is not always a welcomed action; yet, we know working and thinking at a higher level always serves us best. And, interestingly enough… when we respond at a higher level, we increase our self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

These are the byproducts which I want more of, on a regular basis, in my life.

So, what do I know about my brain? I know that my brain, when unattended, wants to operate at the lower level and go through life with the light off. When this happens, I get to step up my game and choose better. Often, I will say, “Thanks brain. Your input has been noted. Now we’re going to do things my way.” Then, I choose to operate at a higher level by turning the light on.

Which space do you operate more frequently from? Are you a “lights on,” or a “lights off,” kind of player in the game of life?

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