What I Know About …Growth Friends

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  – Jim Rohn

When is the last time you stopped and took inventory of the people you spend time with? Surrounding ourselves with high quality relationships is one of the best ways to ensure continued growth and development. 

Recently, I read a book which talked about the importance of having “Growth Friends,” in our lives. I found this concept fascinating!

Growth friends! What a wonderful and beautiful concept. 

When I paused to consider the various friendships in my life, it was easy to identify those friends who influence me for the better.  

Growth Friends – Growth friends are friends who challenge you. These are people who hold you to high standards, believe in your dreams, and encourage you to try new things and set goals. Growth friends celebrate your successes, and support you even when difficulties arise – because they maintain a “focus forward” mentality. Growth friends are selfless and put other’s interests ahead of their own. Growth friends are those friends you enjoy being around; who leave you feeling better because you’ve spent time together.   

When evaluating the quality of your relationships, here are a few questions to consider.

Q: Does spending time with this person drag me down, or lift me up?

Q: Does this friends make me want to be a better person?

Q: Am I happier because of the time I’ve spent with this friend?

Q: Does this friend believe in me, and support me in achieving my most important goals?

Friendship is one of those beautiful gifts which we both give and receive. If you answered “yes” to the questions above, then you’re on the road to success. If not, then it may time to give consideration to who you share your time with. 

Growth friends is where it’s at! Here’s to investing in, and also showing up as, a high quality growth friend as well.

Have a beautiful week!