What I Know About …Getting Out of Procrastination

So, it’s Wednesday and the list of “to do’s” is long. As much as we’d like to think that the dishes are going to magically wash themselves, or that the bills will just pay themselves – we know better. We get a choice – jump into action or… procrastinate.

Procrastinating pretends to be acceptable, “I’ll get to the bills later.” “No one is going to know if the dishes are done, but me.” – but it reality, procrastination only brings a “net-negative” result into our lives.

Procrastination robs us of so many wonderful feelings, outcomes, experiences and opportunities. There isn’t one good thing that I can think of when it comes to any part of the procrastination package.

Have you ever stopped to think about what procrastination is costing you? Here are a just a few of the “net-negative” results I can identify.

  • Procrastination robs me of:
  • My energy and time.
  • My ability to generate growth and progress.
  • My sense of accomplishment and completion.
  • My feelings of self-worth because I fail to honor commitments I make to myself and others.

All in all, procrastination is like playing in poison ivy. It looks so pretty and harmless from the outside – but only leads to trouble in the end.

So – how is it that we can set ourselves up for success when procrastination starts to creep into our thoughts. Here are 3 steps you can take to move away from procrastination and into action.

  1. Do Something Which Needs To Be Done – First and foremost, take action in completing a task that is a “must do.” Completing a required task will increase your momentum.
  2. Do Something You Want To Do – Secondly, allow yourself to do something which serves you; something you desire to do, such as read for 20 min. or go enjoy a pedicure.
  3. Do Something For Someone Else – Find a way to give to someone who could use a helping hand or some sunshine in their life. Your act of service doesn’t have to be grand, rather, the benefit comes because you’re thinking about someone else and extending yourself in a thoughtful way.

In moving forward, know that taking action always feels better than procrastination. Try putting these 3 steps into motion and see how it can empower you to part ways with procrastination.