Discomfort. Isn’t it funny how we view discomfort as such a scary and negative emotion.

Discomfort is an feeling we work incredibly hard to avoid. When we think of being “uncomfortable,” many people would rather lose a limb than have to experience the emotion of discomfort. Yet, it is by embracing discomfort, and not pushing it away, that we learn more about what we’re made of, and capable of doing.

Avoiding discomfort can show up in many different ways. Some choose to overeat, while others may overdrink. Often times, people simply choose to pretend that nothing is wrong and bury their heads in the sand – avoiding discomfort all together. “I am fine.” “Everything is great!” as if pretending will magically go away.

The truth is… none of these tactics work in the end.  These are just empty stories and vein attempts we make in order to temporarily make ourselves feel better.

So if avoiding discomfort isn’t the answer than, what is?

The answer, my friend, is to embrace discomfort. What???  Yes, embrace discomfort!

Discomfort exists in our lives for a reason. Discomfort let us know when something isn’t quite right. It’s our inner-voice telling us that something needs attention and resolution. It is our unconscious mind speaking to our hearts; encouraging us to take action.

When discomfort arises, we get a choice. Embrace the prompting of discomfort or continue to sit in avoidance.

Believe it or not, discomfort can actually be a very empowering emotion. Often times, it’s because of discomfort that difficult conversations take place to start the healing process within our relationships. Likewise, discomfort can create forward momentum in our lives; creating new and better results. Finally, stepping into discomfort can actually help us to develop new skills helping us to become a better version of ourselves.

Not too long ago, I had my own transformational experience with discomfort. You see, I had spent a number of years avoiding my own emotions. I found myself in a place of deep despair. I had gained a lot of weight, and had been operating in “survival mode.” I knew something had to change.

In embracing discomfort, I was able to start taking small and purposeful steps forward toward greater self-care. By getting in touch with my emotions, and taking ownership for my feelings, I was able to then show up for myself each and everyday. I was able to create change. In time, my small actions had a cumulative effect; helping me to arrive in a better place of peace and happiness.

Take a moment to consider your relationship with discomfort. Is discomfort something you strive to avoid, or do you welcome this emotion and allow it to serve you.

What do you know about discomfort?