What I Know About …Growth Friends

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  – Jim Rohn

When is the last time you stopped and took inventory of the people you spend time with? Surrounding ourselves with high quality relationships is one of the best ways to ensure continued growth and development. 

Recently, I read a book which talked about the importance of having “Growth Friends,” in our lives. I found this concept fascinating!

Growth friends! What a wonderful and beautiful concept. 

When I paused to consider the various friendships in my life, it was easy to identify those friends who influence me for the better.  

Growth Friends – Growth friends are friends who challenge you. These are people who hold you to high standards, believe in your dreams, and encourage you to try new things and set goals. Growth friends celebrate your successes, and support you even when difficulties arise – because they maintain a “focus forward” mentality. Growth friends are selfless and put other’s interests ahead of their own. Growth friends are those friends you enjoy being around; who leave you feeling better because you’ve spent time together.   

When evaluating the quality of your relationships, here are a few questions to consider.

Q: Does spending time with this person drag me down, or lift me up?

Q: Does this friends make me want to be a better person?

Q: Am I happier because of the time I’ve spent with this friend?

Q: Does this friend believe in me, and support me in achieving my most important goals?

Friendship is one of those beautiful gifts which we both give and receive. If you answered “yes” to the questions above, then you’re on the road to success. If not, then it may time to give consideration to who you share your time with. 

Growth friends is where it’s at! Here’s to investing in, and also showing up as, a high quality growth friend as well.

Have a beautiful week! 

What I Know About …Kindness

A little kindness goes a long way! I made a new and unexpected friend yesterday through a very unique set of circumstances. My new friend’s name is Ashley. She’s a beautiful young woman, who’s charming, personable and understands the power of kindness.

This is a great story, friends.

If you’ve never had the fish tacos and homemade salsa at Loco Patron, I highly recommend it! The food is so fantastic. Eating there is a “must” for myself and my out of town guests every time we meet in Arizona. Loco Patron has been a standing tradition for us – 12 years strong now. We talk about how amazing it will be to sit together, feasting on the homemade chips and salsa and their unique lobster, mahi-mahi and shrimp tacos.

Last night, was no exception, and yet, it was.

We arrived at our favored destination and entered through the back door. Went to our favorite booth and settled in, The live music was in full motion, the familiar sights and smells welcoming us home, once again. We anxiously waited for our waitress to greet us with a basket of warm chip and fresh salsa. It’s almost like getting a beautifully wrapped box on your birthday!

When our waitress arrived, she quickly asked, “Do you have your wristbands? I don’t see your wristbands.” —What wristbands? We’d never been asked to purchase wristbands before in the past. This was new.

She then explained the restaurant was reserved for a private party in conjunction with a fund raising event. –We had no idea! The waitress adamantly told us we’d need to leave, to which we respectfully agreed to do.

As we approached the front door, I asked the event coordinator (who was screening for wristbands) what organization he was supporting. He told us they were raising money for several local charities which support the less fortunate children of Phoenix. We were so impressed by all he shared, that we offered to make a donation. In return, we told him that we’d been asked to leave since we weren’t apart of his designated group. “No – You’re contributing, you can stay!” he replied.

We returned to our booth and all was right in the world again.

Once again, we anxiously sat down and proceeded to wait — and wait — and wait.

The waitress who was originally assigned to our booth walked by and ignored us. I realized that she must not have realized that we were invited us to stay. I walked across the entire restaurant and shared what had transpired. She continued to ignore us – taking beers to the neighboring table, and allowed us to sit there again, for an unreasonable amount of time. We couldn’t believe what was happening! Really, …. did she think I’d made this up and that we were being defiant “party crashers.”

Finally, Ashley noticed that we weren’t being served and walked over to our booth. “Have you ladies been helped yet?” No. We again repeated the details. We were approved guests – had made a financial contribution, and had been invited to stay. Could we please have drinks, and some chips and salsa.

Ashley stepped into action like a real professional. She was warm, helpful, engaging and prompt in getting us cold drinks and warm food. She returned to our table several times to make small talk, and also to ensure our drinks were full, and the food was to our liking. While Ashley may have believed that she was simply doing her job, what she really was doing was going above and beyond the call of duty both; as an employee of the restaurant – and in also being a thoughtful human being.

Shortly into evening, the event coordinator came to our table, sat down and wanted to hear all about where we’re from, and how Loco Patron had become apart of our annual tradition. We laughed and exchanged stories with him as if we’d all be lifelong friends.

What could have been a sour experience turned into a warm and delightful exchange because of Ashley and Daniel’s kindness toward us.

As we prepared to leave, we all agreed that Ashley was the star of the evening.

It was so fun to visit with her during our meal and she was so delightful; treating us with such courtesy. We all dipped into our wallets and grabbed a $20 bill for Ashley. When she returned to retrieved our signed Visa slips, we extended our hands toward her, fanning the $20 bills in her direction. She was speechless — and almost started to cry. While the gift of our generous tip far exceeded the customary 20% tip, it was such a pleasure for us to recognize and appreciate her for her extraordinary measures of kindness.

Kindness, my friends. It’s such a valuable gift which requires so little effort, and yet, brings about so much goodness to those whom we meet each and every day.

Thanks, Ashley!

What I Know About …Showing Up

You don’t know what can come of an opportunity if you’re not willing to show up.

Showing up. That’s what’s required when it comes to embracing new opportunities in our lives. So, why do we allow fear and self-doubt get in our way when trying new things?

Not long ago, my son came home from school and said, “Mom. I want to run for student council!” He was filled with excitement and anticipation – and he felt confident that this was a great decision.

We thoughtfully gathered the details and my son committed to going to the student council meeting the following day after school.

Immediately upon walking in the door after the meeting, he said, “Nope! Not going to do it!” There must were 50 kids at that meeting, Mom. I am not going to run for student council.”

Doubt and disbelief had crept into his mind; robbing him of the excitement and confidence he’d experienced just 24 hrs. earlier.

Isn’t it interesting how our brain wants to keep us “safe in the cave,” and prevent us from trying new things.

I reminded him that – certainly not all 50 kids would be running for Vice President and, more importantly, …if he didn’t try, he’d never know what could happen.

What a shame that could have been! What a missed opportunity to experience something by inviting growth and discomfort.

We talked about how it didn’t matter whether he won or even if he lost. The real victory was achieved in doing the work, exercising belief and in showing up.

Showing up required him to practice believing in something he’d not yet done. Running for student council invited him to experience feelings of discomfort and vulnerability. Winning the election couldn’t be guaranteed, but neither was losing.

I reminded him that, “You have to put yourself out there and show-up!”

The day came and many 6th grade students stepped up to the challenge. It was amazing to see these kids delivering thoughtfully prepared speeches in front of their peers. They were embracing courage and showing up for themselves!

My son, did in deed, end up winning the election and has now increased his skills and confidence by being a part of student council. However, regardless of whether he’d won or lost – the real victory came about because he was willing to show up for himself.

When was the last time you tried something new and really supported yourself from a place of love, confidence and commitment? Are you pleased with how you’re showing up in life, or is it time to ask more of yourself.

Everyday is a new opportunity to make amazing things happen – show up, friends. Show up!

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What I Know About …Coaching

Coaching is an amazing practice. It helps people gain perspective about where they are and where they want to go in their lives. There are lots of reasons why people seek out coaching. Here are a few benefits you can look forward to when coaching.

1 – Empowers you to identify and step into the best version of yourself.

2 – Succeed through intentional thoughts, feelings and actions.

3 – Manifest your unique potential, value and strengths.

4 – Design a purposeful life with results.

5 – Embrace the live you long to live.

I work with dozens of clients who are all looking to resolve one issue or another. If you would like to have a coaching experience, reach out to me. I’d love to see how I can support you in fulfilling your goals, dreams and desire. www.samanthanielsen.as.me