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Your Story Was My Story

I Know How It Feels…

I know how it feels to be frustrated, discouraged, and disappointed because your weight is the same as it was 2 months ago, … 6 months ago, …12 and 24 months ago.

Losing and gaining back the same 2-3 lbs. is exhausting and discouraging. It leaves us believing we’re incapable of experiencing success.

I understand feeling overwhelmed and being on the brink of hopelessness, when thinking about starting another weight loss journey.

Most days, my thoughts were consumed with questions like, “Why is losing weight so hard?” “How is it that I’ve failed, yet again?”  and “Am I just going to have to settle on being overweight for the rest of my life?”

I thought about losing weight ALL THE TIME!

You see, your story was my story

So, how is it that I went from being severely overweight, depressed and hating life, to wearing the clothes of my dreams, running in races and radiating an abundance of inner joy and self-confidence?

The answer came in understanding the power of my thoughts and committing to a new way of thinking and living.

Discovering the power of coaching literally was the life-line. It pulled me out of a pit of despair! Coaching reignited my belief that I mattered! That taking care of myself was worthy of my time and attention, and losing weight was possible.

I quickly came to realize that I didn’t have to struggle alone. Effective coaching really could make permanent weight loss, a reality for me. And, I gained so much self-confidence and self-appreciation through the process.

Coaching taught me how to manage my mind while losing weight. My weight started to fall off easily and I have now lost over 73 lbs.

My success came in:

In addition to losing weight, I’ve also reaped the benefits of proving to myself that:

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